10 full-length albums have been released and songs from all of them have found their way onto the set lists of DJs all over the world.


1. Kontrollverlust
2. Without a Lie
3. Lazarus
4. Rough and Bleak
5. Tacheles
6. Like a Drug
7. Rough and Bleak (RMX by ES23)
8. Kontrollverlust (RMX by Enter and Fall)
9. Lazarus (RMX by In Good Faith)
10. Kontrollverlust (RMX by Evo-Lution)
11. Rough and Bleak (RMX by Electronic Frequency)
12. Kontrollverlust (RMX by Twisted Destiny)


Album (April 2015)

1. Anthem for Sinners
2. Ego
3. Silent Pain
4. Basstard
5. Bad Boy
6. Moving
7. Everlasting Mate
8. The day you die
9. Terrorzelle
10. Shame
11. Final Show
12. Ego (RMX by Per-Anders Kurenbach)
13. Silent Pain (RMX by MRDTC)
14. Basstard (RMX by Massiv in Mensch)
15. Ego (feat. Charly Barth-Ricklefs)

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Album (Oktober 2013)